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Home Painting Tips Why Washable Interior Paints May Be Perfect For Your Household

Why Washable Interior Paints May Be Perfect For Your Household

Washable interior paints

Sometimes it's all about washable interior paint when you have a home full of kids or pets. As a father and son company, Paragon Painting knows all about this, so we make sure our house painters use a high-quality washable paint that holds up well and is easy to keep clean.

With many decades of experience as a painting contractor in the Charleston area, we help clients to achieve a high-quality finish that's easy to take care of and maintain. The finish is beautiful and unique, and the durable, washable paint lasts and lasts.

Types of Washable Paint

While there are washable paints for clothing and other surfaces that aren't permanent, this article refers to the permanent wall paint that is easy to clean. They provide a more practical solution for interior painting when you need an attractive finish that resists stains, scuff marks, and grime.

Both eggshell semi-gloss and satin acrylic latex paint are washable. However, a high-gloss oil-based paint produces the hardest finish, which is why we often use it for cabinet painting and doors, trim, and floors.

Benefits of Washable Interior Paint

  • Allows you to repaint less often
  • Superior washable finish
  • Tough against set-in stains
  • Allows scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush
  • Is more resistant to damage from cleaning products
  • Perfect for households with kids & pets
  • Wipe with a damp cloth as the surfaces get dirty
  • Attractive & long-lasting paint finishes

Where To Apply High Quality Washable Interior Paints

All our washable paint provides superior protection for a home's interior walls, wooden trim, ceilings, doors, and other surfaces. It's the perfect solution for cabinet painting and refinishing, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other high-traffic areas of your home.

With washable interior paints, you'll have all the same choices in beautiful custom colors as you normally would. If your home is in the Charleston, SC area, we can help you choose your paint color selections today. Our quality painting services come with 1st class customer service too. If you live outside our service area, be sure to ask your local house painters about using washable interior paints!

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