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Summerville SC Popcorn Ceiling Removal

This week we were contracted to remove popcorn ceilings in a big house in Summerville. So I thought I’d write a blog post outlining the steps and possible hazards associated with popcorn ceilings

House Older Than 1980? Your Popcorn Ceilings May Have Asbestos 

Summerville SC Popcorn Removal

Asbestos is a major concern when removing popcorn ceilings. If your house is older than 1978 there is a good chance your ceilings may contain asbestos. The chances decrease as the years go on but there were some popcorn ceilings with asbestos applied in the early 80’s. The only way to know for sure is to take a sample of the ceiling and have it tested. If the test comes back positive you will then have to hire an asbestos removal company. If it comes back negative then you’re good to go.

Get Ready to Get Dirty!

Popcorn removal makes a huge mess so it’s important to remove all the furniture from the room and protect anything that can’t be taken out with plastic. Next step is to protect the flooring, I prefer to use heavy mil plastic to contain the mess. It’s also a good idea to plan on repainting the walls because they will most likely get dirty and it’s easier to repaint them than to try and protect them.

Time to Remove Those Nasty Ceilings

When I remove popcorn I use a pump sprayer or a backpack sprayer to saturate the ceilings with water. Once the ceiling is completely saturated the removal process can begin. Use a large spackle blade to remove the popcorn by scraping it across the ceiling and letting the popcorn fall to the ground. Try not to work directly overhead or you’ll get a face full of wet popcorn. It is also helpful to round the edges of the spackle blade to help prevent gouging the sheetrock.

  The Popcorn is Off, Ready for Paint? Not so Fast

Once the popcorn is removed the hard part begins. Usually, the sheetrock under the popcorn is not finished spackle. You will then have to spackle all the joints around the room and any other unfinished areas. For a DIYer, this is often the most difficult part. It takes hundreds of hours to get good at applying spackle and it’s best left to the professionals if you want the ceiling to turn out smooth. Now it’s time to sand! Sand all the joints and any spackle spots until they are smooth and free of ridges.

Finally, It’s Time for Paint

 The popcorn has been removed and the spackle has been sanded smooth and now it’s time for paint. Use a flat paint and start by brushing the corners, next roll the ceiling. The ceiling will need two coats of paint and then you are finally done.   

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