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South Carolina Old Paint Disposal

Charleston SC paint disposal

The most common question people ask me is, how do I get rid of my old paint?

Tips on How To Dispose of Old Paint

If the paint is still usable I always suggest donating it to a church, school, or non-profit organization. You’d be surprised to find most will be happy to take that paint and put it to good use.

If the paint is unusable then it’s time to properly dispose of it.

Never Ever Pour Paint Down the Drain!!

Latex Paint

You can throw paint in the trash as long as the paint is completely dry and hardened. Just opening the lid and sitting the can outside will not work, the paint will skin over but still be liquid underneath. The best method to harden old paint is to open the lid and mix clay based kitty litter into the paint. Shredded newspaper and sawdust will also work to harden that old paint. Once the paint is completely hardened simply throw the can in the garbage.

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is more difficult to properly dispose of than latex. These paints cannot be thrown in the garbage, dumped down the drain, or hardened. They must be disposed of at specific locations in your town or city. These drop offs can vary depending on where you live. Some townships will accept them all the time and others have set drop off dates throughout the year.

Check out these sites to learn more.

Charleston County SC Residents Click Here

Update July 2017

Wow, who would have thought paint disposal could change so much in just a few short years. Habitat For Humanity used to take leftover paint at their Re-Store locations but they have recently stopped taking it. Also, some local dumps have stopped accepting old paint too. The only place in the Charleston area I’m aware of that still takes any kind of old paint is the dump on Bee’s Ferry Rd in West Ashley. 

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