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Picking an Accent Color the Easy Way

Sherwin Williams Color Strip

Picking an accent paint color is not an easy task, it requires a keen eye for color that most of us don’t have. This is by far the easiest way to choose an accent color without worrying if the two colors will look good together.

Okay, enough stalling I’ll let you in on my super secret accent color method. Look at the color deck and go to the color you’ve chosen, let’s say you chose Sherwin Williams – Sea Salt (great color btw) for the main color. Simply use the color two down on the color strip which is Oyster Bay. You can go three or four colors down too with the same results. This method of picking an accent color also works in reverse. If the body is a dark color you can go two or three colors up and have the same results.

Warning: Do not use the color directly below or above as the accent.

Why? Because it will be very difficult to notice the color difference, trust me I’ve gone through this before.

Why Does This Work?

Because all the colors on the strip are in the same color family. Each color on the strip uses the same ratio of different pigments to create the color. The difference between them is how much (think quantity) of the pigments are used in each.

Good luck and have fun!

If you’re stuck between a couple different colors buy sample quarts from Sherwin Williams they sell them for $5.95. Putting a larger spot of the color on the wall is a lot easier than trying to visualize the color all a tiny square. If you’re still having a problem picking the right color I strongly recommend hiring a professional color consultant.

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