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Choosing Painters in Charleston SC

So you asked your friends and family, looked on the internet, maybe browsed through the yellow pages a got three painting quotes. Now it’s decision time!


Choosing a painting contractor based solely on price may cost you more in the long run.

The lowest bidder may have only quoted your job for one coat, while the others quoted two. When it needs the second coat they will charge you more for it. That could end up making their price higher than other estimates you received

Maybe their quote was lower because they didn’t include all the necessary prep work that will make the job last, costing you money in the long run.

There is also the issue of materials. Just because the contractor submitted a quote to use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore doesn’t mean the paint is good.

Every paint company carries different lines of paint which vary in quality and durability. Make sure the contractor specifies which line of paint they are going to use not just the brand. Using a good brand in cheap line is a sneaky way of cutting costs while appearing to use a good product.

  Comparing The Proposals

To avoid confusion you want to make sure the proposal is a detailed as possible. Everything you discussed with the contractor during the initial estimate should be written in the proposal, from prep to clean up. Don’t assume the contractor will do as discussed without it being written down.

Never use a paint contractor that hands you a price on the back of a business card

The best way to compare the proposals is to make a checklist. Disregard the prices and focus on what each contractor has written they will do.

Here is an example of a painting contractor proposal checklist

  1. Prep Work:
  2. Move Furniture:
  3. Two Coats:
  4. Have insurance
  5. Offer Warranty
  6. Vacuum/clean up
  7. Licensed
  8. Bonded
  9. References
  10. Good Communication

Time to Choose

Now that you have used your checklist it’s easier to see which companies offer more for the price.

Never use a paint contractor that isn’t Insured, Licensed, and Bonded, toss those proposals right in the garbage.

Now compare the legitimate companies and decide which will fit your needs the best. Remember to take into account their communication with you. If you called for the initial and they took a week to call you back, how long will it take to schedule your job?

Everything needs to be taken into consideration

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Professionalism
  • Timing
  • Price

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