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Kitchen Cabinet Painting James Island SC

Here we are again with some more kitchen cabinet painting! This time we painted a set of cabinets on James Island in Charleston SC. We completed this kitchen cabinet painting job back in February but we’ve been painting cabinets in the Charleston area like crazy since then, averaging around three sets a month between the regular painting we do.

Before Painting the Kitchen Cabinets 

Here’s what the cabinets looked like before.

James island kitchen cabinet painting

As you can see they’re dated looking and they were pretty beat up after years of use. They originally did not have the piece of crown molding around the top. They looked a little unfinished without it so we suggested they have a carpenter install the crown to give it a more finished look.

The Prep Work

The first thing we do is completely disassemble the cabinets. Every door and drawer comes off and gets numbered. All the hardware then goes into individual baggies that are marked and labeled so everything can get reinstalled exactly the way it came off. Since we were not painting the inside of the cabinets everything can stay in them. Normally everything in the drawers can stay because the faces unscrew off, but in this case, they were stapled on so we had to transport the entire drawers to the shop and mask them off.

After everything is taken apart we then clean all the frames with Krud Kutter and lint-free microfiber rags. Once the frames are dry we then prime them all with BIN which is an alcohol-based shellac primer. The BIN blocks out any stains the might want to bleed through and it sticks to almost any surface I’ve ever encountered. After priming you can then see all the open gaps that need to be caulked which is what we do next.

The prep work then continues back at the shop. All the doors are cleaned and dried with Krud Kutter and any knicks, holes, or dings are willed with Elmer’s Wood Filler and sanded smooth.

prepped cabinets ready for paint

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Once all the doors and drawers are prepped with then move on to painting them. We spray them all with BIN, as discussed above. Once dry we then go through them again and look for any imperfections we may have missed prior to priming and repair them.

While this is happening at the shop we are also jumping back and forth to paint the frames while the doors are drying. The next step is to spray the doors two coats of PPG Breakthrough satin.

painted cabinet doors drying

Finishing Up

Once the frames are painted and the doors are all sprayed and dry we transport the doors back to the job and begin the installation process. Four to eight hours later the kitchen is all put back together and ready for use.

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of my favorite jobs. Nothing completely changes the entire look of a kitchen more.

charleston painted cabinets

close up of cabinet door

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