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Home Painting Tips Painting Your New James Island SC Home

Painting Your New James Island SC Home

The carpet’s installed, the floors are cleaned, you’ve closed on your James Island SC house, the moving truck has left, and the furniture is in place. Still, something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it. Then it hits you, the paint job is horrible.

What Is Builders Grade Paint?

Builders grade paint is really cheap dead flat paint. It has a lot of clay in the paint which helps achieve the dead flat look and makes the walls feel dry and chalky. They use it for two reasons. Firstly because it hides a lot of drywall imperfections, and secondly it touches up really well.

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What You Can Do About It

Get rid of it! You’ll be amazed at the difference a good quality paint will make. Not only will the walls look better but they will feel better too. You can use a high-quality flat paint, which will have a slight sheen to give it some washability, or an eggshell/satin paint.

Prepping the Walls for Paint

When I am contracted to paint over builders grade paint the first thing I do is scrape or sand the walls. I either take an 8inch taping blade and scrape or lightly pole sand the entire surface to rid the walls of debris in the previous paint. I’ll then patch and imperfections I find.

Painting Your Homes Interior

Be prepared for the walls to eat up the paint on the first coat. After applying the first coat recheck the walls for imperfections and re-patch. Remember the builder paints’ job is to hide things, the better paint will reveal the hidden imperfections The second coat will go on a lot easier and you’ll use less paint than the first because the walls will be sealed.

Wait for the paint to dry, install the plate covers, clean up, and you’re done. Now your home will look a lot nicer and the walls will be a lot more durable to everyday wear.

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Call Paragon Painters in James Island SC

Call Paragon Painting, for all your James Island house painting needs. We are licensed, insured, and will always give you a detailed painting quote with a fair price.  Paragon Painting  is a family owned and operated interior and exterior residential painting contractor. We service the entire Charleston, SC area including:

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