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Home Painting Tips Interior Painting in Mt Pleasant

Interior Painting in Mt Pleasant

Mt pleasant interior painters

This week Paragon Painting finished a big interior painting project in Mt Pleasant SC. From start to finish this paint job had its own set of unique challenges. The biggest obstacle being the trim. All the base and crown molding were replaced. Some new door jams and pocket doors were installed, and the rest was unchanged. The unchanged trim had been painted before with oil-based paint. The fireplace mantel was completely torn down and rebuilt. There were two sets of bathroom vanities which were brand new unfinished wood and two previous build-ins. One is a large bookshelf which was painted with oil. The other built-in was a previously stained desk but was going to be changed to paint. The staircase was redone along with the railing and spindles. The risers were bare wood which needs finishing. The pre-finished railing spindles needed to were to be painted to the new trim color.

Wow and that was just the trim. We also painted all the ceilings, walls, closets, shelves, and the back screened in porch. The ceilings had popcorn ceilings which were removed before we started. They were just bare drywall that needed to a primer and two coats of paint. Along with the interior painting, we also did the exterior screened in porch.

Painting The Trim

As I mentioned the trim was the most time-consuming aspect of the paint job. The customer requested for it to be oil which presents its own set of challenges. The biggest hurdle to overcome with oil paint is the long dry time. When painting with oil the paint stays wet for 24 hours. The extended dry time makes proper job sequencing important. Since the trim was new all the nail holes were sanded, filled with Elmer’s Wood Filler, then sanded again. Every crack was caulked and the entire surface of all the trim was sanded. After prepping we painted two coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Oil. The previously painted doors, window frames, and door jams were a little easier. First, we cleaned them with Krud Kutter. Once they were clean we sanded them, touched up caulk. Afterward, we applied two coats of ProClassic Oil.

The bare wood areas and new cabinets required a couple of extra steps. First, they got sanded with 330 grit paper and then primed with Zinsser CoverStain. After that, the same procedures as described above was followed.

painting crown molding

mantel painting

cabinet painting

Painting The Interior Walls and Ceilings in Mount Pleasant

The first step to painting any wall is to prep. We scrape every wall to knock off any rough areas and find imperfections. We then spackle any nail pops, dents, etc two coats and sand with our Festool dustless sanding system. After sanding the ceilings and walls were primed with Glidden PVA. The ceilings then got two coats of Sherwin Williams Master hide Flat. The walls two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere Flat Enamel. Except for the bathrooms, we used Cashmere Low Luster instead of the flat enamel.

interior painting mount pleasant

hallway painting

Painting the Screened in Porch

Painting the screened in porch was my favorite part of the project because we got to paint the ceiling haint blue. If you’re not sure what haint blue is, check out the history of haint blue here. The porch floor is tongue and groove that had a previous coating of a porch and floor enamel which had failed. When the hardwood floors in the house were refinished the homeowner had a flooring company sand off the existing coating down to bare wood. On the floor, we used two coats of Sherwin Williams ArmorSeal Tred-Plex. Two coats Sherwin Williams Resilience paint on the ceiling and the white trim work.

haint blue ceiling mt pleasant

exterior screened porch paining

The End Result

From the time we started to when we finished the transformation of this house in Mount Pleasant was impressive. The oil trim paint (even with the drawbacks) made this job shine. Nothing beats an oil finish for looks and durability. What really made this job a success for me was working for and with great people, which included the help from the Charleston Water Damage Company prior to starting the project. The homeowner was a joy to do business with and acted as her own general contractor. Most of the time a homeowner running a big job like this with so many moving parts can be scary. She was so organized the job ran smoother than most professional contractors could have done. All said and done it looked like a brand new home. We enjoyed playing a big part in the transformation.

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