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Home Painting Tips How to Store Leftover Paint

How to Store Leftover Paint

Proper storage of leftover paint is important to keep the paint viable for touch ups down the road.

What to do When Painting in Complete

The first thing to do is to put all unused paint back in the bucket it came from. Use a brush to scrape out all the paint at the bottom of the paint tray or five-gallon bucket you were working from. Next, take a 5-in-1 tool and use the curved side to get the excess paint from the roller.

Labeling the Can

Next and one of the most important things is to label the lid of the can with a Sharpie.
Write which room it was used in and the name of the color used. Some think they will remember from looking at the paint around the edge but it’s best just to label it.

Charleston Paint Cans Labeled

Storing the Paint

The key to long term paint storage it to keep out as much air as possible. If the can is almost full simply replace the lid and it’ll be fine. If there is only a little paint left it’s best to transfer the paint into a smaller airtight container. Quart sized paint cans used water bottles, or old coffee containers will all work. Another option is to place a piece of aluminum foil over the paint at the bottom of the can to help minimize air exposure.

Picking the Right Spot

 Keep your now labeled paint in a spot that will not allow the paint to freeze. That’s not really an issue here in Charleston SC but you’re better safe than sorry. Most cans are still made of metal so the bottom rim will rust at some point. The best way to prevent rust stains on the floor is to set the cans on a piece of cardboard or plastic. 

Now that those simple steps were followed your leftover paint should be ready for touching up for many years to come.

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