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House Painters Johns Island SC

A couple weeks ago Paragon Painters was contracted to remove popcorn and paint the ceiling, walls, and trim in a home on Johns Island SC. We were also asked to convert the stained built in book shelves to white.

The Project

This home was built in the mid-1980’s which is good because asbestos was not a concern. However, this house in Johns Island came with several challenges, the biggest of which was extensive smoke damage. Up until recently the current home owners and the previous home owners smoked in the house which left heavy yellow stains on the popcorn ceiling and walls. This job was also unique in that it had a fairly large amount of heavy popcorn on the walls in the higher cathedral area. I’ve never seen that before, and truthfully hope to never see it again.

Johns island Painters

Everything above the blue tape line in the above photo is popcorn.

removing popcorn ceilings johns island

Painting built ins johns island


We completely sealed up the large cathedral room with plastic prior to removing the popcorn with painters plastic on the walls and 4mil plastic covering the floor. We normally do that on every popcorn job but it was all that much more important here. To remove popcorn we use water and when water comes in contact with smoke stained surfaces it runs yellow everywhere. It could have easily destroyed the carpet if we were not careful.

After Popcorn Removal

Getting Rid of Smoke Stains

After thoroughly cleaning the walls, for good measure, we used Zinsser Cover Stain to seal in the remaining residue and to prime the stained built ins. Cover Stain is some pretty strong stuff so I highly recommend venting the house as much as possible and taking children else where for a few hours. It’s one of those necessary evils, it does exactly what it’s supposed to but at the same time, it’s both difficult to work with and has a seriously strong odor.

The Fun Part, Painting!

Finally after removing the popcorn, wiping down the walls, stain killing everything, and a lot of mud and sanding it was time to paint. We used to coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Oil on the built ins, Sherwin Williams MasterHide on the ceilings, and Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat enamel on the walls. The house underwent a huge transformation from smoke stained popcorn to beautiful smooth white ceilings and a fantastic paint job on the walls and trim.

Painting in Johns Island SC

James Island Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Johns Island House Painters

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