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Decorative Painting Finishes in Mount Pleasant SC

Green Shadow Stripes - Paragon Painting

What is shadow striping? Shadow stripping is a new elegant decorative painting trend that has become popular in the last few years. You can make the stripes horizontal or vertical around the room and either above or below a chair rail or both. The key to making shadow stripes is to use the same color paint. What makes the stripes appear is the use of different sheens. This technique looks great in powder rooms, offices, bedrooms, and foyers.

How is it Done? 

You can do it as a DIY weekend project but it’s very time-consuming. Decorative Painting Finishes Mount Pleasant SC To make sure it looks good without the hassle your best bet is to hire a professional painter. This is what you will need for this project. Drop Clothes to cover the floors, two gallons of the same color paint, one gallon should be matte or flat and the other either eggshell, satin, or semi gloss. You will need a tape measure, a level, plenty of painters tape, and a pencil.

The first step is to move all the furniture into the center of the room and remove all the outlet covers. Next, you need to protect the flooring with drop cloths or plastic. The next step is to paint the entire room two coats with the flat paint. After the room is painted with the flat paint you must give the paint enough time to completely dry, which can take 1-3 days. Dry times can vary depending on which surface was painted over and humidity levels

Now that the flat paint is completely dry you need to decide how big or small to make the stripes. The smaller you make the stripes the more work will be involved. Once you have figured out your stripe size you can begin the stripping process.

For this example, I’ll be doing 12inch stripes. Start in a corner and measure out 12inches and make a pencil line. Do this every two feet down the entire length of the stripe. Use your level to make sure your lines are straight. Next, run a line of tape down the wall using the pencil lines as your guide. Once you have finish run your finger down the length of the tape. This will make sure the tape is completely secured to the wall so the paint will not get behind it. Repeat the process around the entire area you intend to stripe.

So now you have all the lines taped, now you can start to paint. Make sure you use the paint, this time you will only need to do one coat. Make sure you apply the paint generously and evenly. You can use a 9inch roller, a brush, or a 3inch Whizzy roller.

Now you can remove the tape (don’t wait too long) and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your room will look stunning and impress anyone that sees it!!

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