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Home Painting Tips 5 Must Have Tools For Painting Your House

5 Must Have Tools For Painting Your House

Okay everyone already knows when painting your home you need to cover the floors, use a ladder, tape if you’re unsure of your brushing skills, and a good paint to apply. I’m not going to cover that here.

This post is for you DIYer’s looking to paint your home but don’t have, or know of, the right tools to get it done. I’ll share the top five tools I find the most important to get the paint job done in a neat timely manner.

1. A Good Brush

No not a $10 brush from Home Depot or Lowes, in fact, don’t ever corona cortez paint brush buy a brush from any big box store. My absolute favorite brush for walls in the Corona Cortez, for the trim I use the Corona Ryan. Corona brushes can be found at local paint suppliers or on the internet.

If you’re having trouble finding them in your area an extra firm Wooster and Purdy would be my next choice. Remember don’t get them from the box stores even though they look the same they are a lower quality brush.

Brush size – I personally use 2.5inch angled brush for almost everything. For a beginner DIYer, I’d use an angled brush that’s either a 2inch or 2.5, anything smaller takes took long and bigger may be too much for a beginner to handle.

2.  Purdy White Dove Roller Sleeve

The White Dove roller sleeve is my roller of choice, White Dove Roller Sleeve it’s widely available and user-friendly. They are virtually lint free and do not splatter like most cheap roller sleeves do. For smooth walls use either a 3/8inch nap or 1/2inch. Once again don’t buy it from a big box store!

3. An Extension Pole

Watching someone roll with out an extension painting extension pole pole drives me nuts. Always use an extension pole when rolling walls, not only is it less work physically, it will save you a lot of time.

Extension poles come in various sizes, for painting normally sized walls use a 1ft to 2ft pole for tight spaces and a 2ft – 4ft pole for average walls. When rolling ceilings use a 4ft – 8ft extension pole.

4. 5 in One Tool

Every professional painter uses these and usually keep this 5 in one tool tool on them at all times. The 5 in one is great it can scrape, dig, open paint can lids, spread compound, clean your roller, and do a thousand other things. This tool is a must have for any painter.

5. A Five Gallon Bucket / Roller Grid Combo

Most DIYer’s and some professionals use a roller pan, paint bucket with grid I on the other hand heavily favor the five-gallon bucket with a grid. When rolling out of a five-gallon bucket you drastically reduce your chances of making a mess. You can’t accidentally step into the bucket and it’s a lot more portable. Simply keep moving the bucket a couple steps ahead of you as your working around the room, no more sliding flimsy pans full of paint around on the floor.

And that concludes my list, sure there are a lot of tools that didn’t make the cut but I feel these are the basic must have tools for painting.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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