The Roller Sleeve Challenge Results

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The best toller sleeve on the market

So it has taken a little while but I finally tested them all and have the results! I want to give a big thanks to my fellow peers on for their input as to what sleeves to test. One guy (a paint store owner in Ohio) even sent me the E&J Microfiber sleeve because I was having a difficult time buying it locally.

As I stated in my first post The Roller Sleeve Challenge each sleeve was subjected to seven categories. They got ranked from 1-10 in each category 10 being the best and 1 being the worst for a highest possible score of 70 points. To keep the testing as consistent as possible I tested them all using Sherwin Williams SuperPaint Velvet going over walls that were painted previously in builders grade flat paint. These were the categories

  • Shed Resistance
  • Paint Pickup/Release
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Roller Lines
  • Splatter
  • Finish Quality

The Results

Let’s get to it! In order from worst to best here’s how they did.

17. Wooster Avalon – 36 points

16. Purdy Road Runner – 42 points

15. Purdy Colossus – 46 points

14. Pro Roller Company Dripless – 50 points

13. Wooster 50/50 – 53 points

12. Corona UltraWeave – 54 points

11. Purdy Golden Eagle – 55 points

11. Merit Pro Consumer Microfiber – 55 points

10. ArroWorthy Microfiber – 56 points

9. Purdy White Dove – 57 points

8. Wooster Super Fab – 58 points

7. Purdy Marathon – 59 points

6. Purdy Microfiber – 60 points

5. Wooster Cirrus – 61 points

5. Wooster Prodooz 61 points

4. Wooster Polar Bear – 63 points

3. Wooster Micro Plush – 64 points

3. E&J Microfiber – 64 points

2. Linzer Microfiber – 66 points

1. Merit Pro Gold Series Microfiber – 68 points

Merit Pro Microfiber


Well there you have it, the best sleeve was the Merit Pro Gold Series Microfiber which is an amazing sleeve. All in all the big winners were the microfibers, I knew they would do well but I wasn’t expecting the top 4 to be all microfiber. Any of the top 4 sleeves are great, you can’t go using anyone of them, but if you want to use the best of the best give the Merit Pro a try and let me know what you think.

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I've been brought up in the painting industry and have learned everything I know from my father Paul Briggs. He is the founder of Paragon Painting and I joined him full time in 2003 after graduating college. I am now happily married with two beautiful children ages two and five.

Comments (9)

  1. Mark King

    Was the Wooster Pro Dooz tested? Thats are second favorite behind rooster’s Mirco Plush which you have tied for 3rd.

    • Matt

      The pro dooz cover was tested and came in at #6 on the list if I remember correctly. That’s my top pick for 3/8″ nap finish on drywall. Although, I will have to try the microfiber ones again now. I wish he gave us the naps he used along with the other information. I’m guessing they were all 3/8″.

      • Hi Matt,

        The Pro Dooz ended up tied for 5th place. The nap sizes were all around 1/2inch, some of the microfibers were 9/16 but I kept them as close to 1/2inch as possible. What was the other information you’d like to know? I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have.

    • Paint Pro

      Disagree completely. Sherwin Williams offers much better options than Wooster and it’s lower placement on this list is simply a matter of invalid opinion

  2. Mark Pruett

    Great! Would be nice to see the actual scores of each cover though, rather than just the aggregate score. That way, if someone out here in internet-land values say… finish over durability, they can see that and make their choice accordingly.

  3. This was very helpful, thank you for taking the time to test these!!

  4. Theranter

    Thank you for this!

    It’s interesting that I had used the E&J Microfiber and loved them. I got them a the local Benj Moore store, which was closed one Sunday so I headed to Homer and got the one they recommended, which is your #2/Linzer–and I hated them!

    So now I’m online searching for more E&J for the next project underway, ran across your article, and now I want to try your #1 Merit Pro Gold, just to compare them against the E&J and the Linzer (that I still have two of–that’s how much I disliked them and homer wouldn’t take them back.

    Too bad the Merit Pro’s are so hard to find, only one on Amazon and they want 19.00 w/shipping for just one!

  5. Ryan o keeffe

    I used the merit pro 3/8 nap shipped a couple from America to Ireland I found the coverage terrible on previously painted walls any ideas why??

  6. T J

    Professional painting contractor since 1990, from Ultra high-end 20,000 square foot new construction professional athlete homes to Section 8 rehab. In my humble opinion, the best… Do all… Evenly-balanced ratio of speed/ carry/ release/ lack of sprinkles/ finish achieved/ durability…….. is the hybrid technology of 3/4 inch nap sheeps wool and polyester woven blend that has existed 40+?? Years. Otherwise known as the wooster 50/50… it can achieve half inch microfiber finish if proper techniques are used. Carries almost as much paint as the hundred percent lambswool. But does not compress due to the polyester. And it does not sprinkle like the hundred percent synthetic polyester that doesn’t carry or release…. I appreciate the post I happened across though. And chose to comment

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