Picking the Right Summerville SC Painting Contractor

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Once you have decided to contract with someone to do a particular painting and decorating project, how do you go about selecting the right company? Do you make your selection on price, the size of the company, years in business, or other criteria? Here are some questions to ask a potential contractor.

1. Do they have insurance and what kind? Do not hire a company that does not have liability and worker compensation insurance. This is very important. Liability insurance will protect you if they damage your property. Workers comp will cover injuries they may occur to the people working on your house.

2. Are your worker’s employees or subcontractors? This is an important question as well and it ties into the question above. If a painting company is using subcontractors the subs may not have insurance even tho the company you are hiring does. Your best bet is to hire a company that employs their own workers as they tend to be more legitimate than the alternative.

3. What kind brand paint will be used and which grade? Every painter has a paint brand they prefer but more to the point is which grade are they using. What do I mean by this? Paint companies have different grades of paint, take Benjamin Moore for example, they have paints that range from $15 a gallon up to $70 a gallon. That’s a big difference in quality and price. So ask which line they plan to use and research it on the paint company’s website to make sure it’s a good paint.

4. Do they clean up? This should be a no brainer and almost assumed that they will but that’s not always the case. Make sure if you’re getting interior work done that they will sweep and vacuum, and exterior that they will clean up any paint chips.

5. Is the price quoted guaranteed? Meaning, will there be hidden fees and upcharges?

6. What kind of prep work will be done? For interior make sure that spackling dents, cracks, and nail pops are included in the price. For exterior make sure they pressure wash or hand clean every surface before painting. Also, they should scrap any loose paint and prime with an oil primer or peel bond.

Asking these questions should help make your decision easier and remember the lowest price isn’t always the best choice.

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