Painting a Brand New House

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The cleaners have finished, you’ve just completed the final walkthrough, everything is signed, and you’ve just been handed the keys to your brand new home. Congratulations!

Once you open the door for the first time and take a walk around you might notice something is missing, other than your stuff that is, the house doesn’t feel all that cozy. And if you run your hand along the walls you’ll see that they have a gritty chalky feel to them.

The best way to make your new house feel like yours is by painting the walls with the colors of your liking, not the builders.

Builder Grade Paint

What exactly is this stuff we’re come to know as builders grade paint? Basically, it means super cheap but it does serve a purpose. It’s used because it is dead flat (no sheen at all) which helps hide imperfections and touches up really well.

While all that is just fine and dandy builder grade paint is just not practical for everyday use, especially if you have children. The builder stuff marks real easy and does not wash at all, in fact, if you wash it the paint will often turn into a slurry and come right off the wall making a bigger spot than when you started.

Paint Your New House With the Good Stuff

Painting your new home right away has a lot of benefits. First and foremost you’ll get to pick whatever colors you’d like. Right now we are even offering free in-home color consultations with a professional color consultant to help you out. Secondly, it’ll look and feel a lot nicer than the builder grade stuff. And Last but not least the new paint will be durable and easy to clean.

When is the Best Time

The cost effective way is to have it painted is after closing and right before you move in. This way there is no furniture and pictures to move and there’s the added bonus of not having people working while you’re living there. If everything is done in advance we normally start the day after closing and an average house takes just about four days to paint the walls of the entire house. After the painting is complete you’re able to move into your new home with colors you like and durable paint that will last years before having to do over.

Check out the Difference!

Mt Pleasant Kitchen before paint

Mt pleasant kitchen after painting

Master Bath Before Paint

Master Bath After Paint

Bedroom Before painting

mt pleasant bedroom after painting

Bonus Room Before Painting

Bonus Room After Painting

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Paragon Painting services the entire Charleston SC area from Mt. Pleasant to Summerville and beyond. If you’re building a new house and would like to make it your own give us a call for a free estimate 843-695-9450

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