Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Charleston SC

Charleston SC Popcorn RemovalRemoving popcorn ceilings in your home is a fantastic way to improve your space. Charleston SC has so many houses with outdated looking popcorn ceilings. I have seen builders using popcorn all the way up to houses built in 2008. In the future when selling your house a huge thing buyers hate to see is popcorn. You can remove it now and enjoy being popcorn free for the rest of the time you’re living in the house then reap the rewards of increased house value and ease of selling it.

Removing the popcorn is a real messy job. To contain the mess we use a thicker plastic on the floor which goes up the walls a foot. We then drape painters plastic around the entire room. The two plastics overlap and create a seal so when it’s all off we just pull down the plastic, roll it up and it’s gone with minimal mess.

The next part is more difficult. Once the popcorn has been scraped off the ceilings we then have to mud every nail, joint, and corner. After mudding, it all gets sanded smooth. Luckily we have the best dustless sanding system on the market. Click the link to see it in action. Sanding it dustless is the only way to go. Without the dustless system, you would have white dust floating throughout your entire house.

We at Paragon Painting have removed hundreds of popcorn ceilings in the Charleston area including Summerville. We have the tools and the know-how to get the job done right at an affordable price.


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By Ryan Briggs

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