Garage Floor Coating in Charleston SC

Is your garage floor dirty and riddled with oil spots? If you answered yes to that question then we can help.

We start by preparing the floor to achieve a proper surface profile for the epoxy to grab to.  We then get rid of the grime and oil spots and caulk any cracks you may have. Once the floor is properly prepped we then apply two coats of a two-part high solids epoxy coating to the floor. In no time we will transform your dirty garage to a place you can be proud of.

After the floor has dried for 24hrs we then apply a urethane clear coat. This gives the floor an even harder, more durable finish while increasing UV protection.

Our epoxy floor coating can also be used on any concrete floor. It is much thicker than regular paint, that extra thickness makes it great to use on pitted and rough concrete floors because of its self-leveling properties.


Mt Pleasant SC Floor Before Paint

Unfinished Garage Floor



Epoxy Painted Floor

Floor and Walls After


epoxy floor painting

Close-up Picture

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By Ryan Briggs

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