Paragon Painting Uses Dustless Sanding

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Paragon Painting of Charleston is a virtually dustless painting company. We have invested in one of the best dust extraction tools available on the market to keep your home clean and the air safe.

Good Painters Sand

Every good painter sands A LOT, sometimes we sand to smooth rough surfaces and sometimes we Dustless Paintersand to make smooth surfaces rough to allow proper paint adhesion. The biggest co prate of harmful dust on interior painting jobs is joint compound/drywall dust. This dust occurs when sanding joint compound which is what fills in all the imperfections in the walls prior to painting.

Every house has scratches, nail pops, cracks, dings, and dents in their drywall and part of our job is to make those imperfections disappear leaving you with the smoothest walls possible.

Drywall Dust Health Concerns

When joint compound (aka mud) is sanded very fine dust particles are created which contains crystalline silica and mica, OHSA has labeled both of them as hazardous materials. These hazardous materials can stay suspended in the air for long periods of time, during which they can travel throughout your home coating your belongings, damage your HVAC system, and worst of all get inhaled by you and your family.  You can read more about the health effects of drywall dust here.

Is There a Better Way?

Of course, there is! We have invested in the best dustless sanding technology on the market. Our sanders and HEPA dust extractor are virtually dustless, capturing 99% of dust created by sanding. This is all part of our dedication to keeping the cleanest and healthiest environment while work is being performed in your home. Don’t hire another painter that doesn’t use dustless sanding technology again, give us a call instead.


Charleston Dustless Painter

Call Paragon Painters Charleston SC

Call Paragon Painting, for all your house painting needs. We are licensed, insured, and will always give you a detailed painting quote with a fair price. Paragon Painting is a family owned and operated interior and exterior residential painting contractor. We service the entire Charleston, SC area including:

SummervilleMt PleasantMoncks Corner, Folly Beach, Ladson, North Charleston, Hanahan, James Island, Sullivans Island, and beyond. We are the exterior and interior house painting experts, call us at 843-695-9450





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  1. Chris Haught

    Wow, never thought about the health risks, I though it was just to be more efficient. Good to know, thanks for sharing that.

  2. Charlie VanInwagen

    I have had painting contractors in my home in the past and the end results were never good mostly because of the dust created when they were working with sheetrock whether they were installing it or sanding in between spackling coats dust everywhere for days after they left the job it was almost impossible to get a head of it and I never thought of the health implications in the past. Great move guys I am sure it will pay for itself as time goes by.

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